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Welcome to The Notebook Cafe -- a faith based inspirational cafe'filled with

words of encouragement

Thank you for visiting!  We're brewing up fresh words of inspiration and faith for the journey. Please visit us often and be refreshed in our café of words. So that I may come to you with joy, by God’s will, and in your company be refreshed. Romans 15:32 Click here to learn more about us...

GOD how God started The Notebook Café. A time of obedience, trust, and steps of faith, and now sharing that journey as we prepare for the 3rd Annual Women's Conference on September 30th, For a Time Such As This Fearless Faith | Rise Up! 9.30.17

The book our readers are talking about!

I have gotten through 10 chapters now and you have no idea the impact it is having in helping with my journey with God right now. I feel this is a book of healing! That is all I can say, well besides love, grace, faith, honesty and most of all trust!' Angela D.

'I couldn't put the book down. I read it in one week. What an open and honest sharing of two lives touched by God. Inspires me that there is a purpose in my own journey.’ Marie S.

'Thank you for being bold and sharing your stories from the heart, holding nothing back. Gods truth comes through on these pages.' Ann K.

‘Amazing…I loved following these two lives and seeing God in all the small details...beautifully shared.’ Julie K.

The Notebook Café & Co. Publishing newest book release Entwined by Shelly Thompson and Brenda Hamilton is now available. Entwined brings together the stories of two women, who didn't know each other, until God weaves their stories together in His perfect way. Brenda is battling Stage 4 cervical cancer while Shelly is living her life trying to escape the deep distrust for God that has been buried in her heart for years after learning her then almost five-year-old daughter was sexually abused. The Master Author of heaven is present in both of these women's lives through years of unexpected twists and turns weaving His perfect plan together. 

The pages of Entwined are filled with encouragement and hope despite heartbreak and disappointments as God's plans are being intricately woven together to create...His perfect life story. The pages of Entwined are the combined journals of Brenda and Shelly beautifully illustrating God is involved in all the small details of our lives though often we can't see it. In a very personal way their stories show that we can trust Him even when we don't know the plan. God beautifully takes the ashes of pain and tragedy making all the seasons of our life into something more beautiful than we can ask or imagine...if we give Him weave our perfect life story. Click here for more information...

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Don't let the enemy steal your marriage. Discover the testimony of allowing God to heal your relationship. 

It's always a good 'The Cafe'!

Nestled in between Des Moines and Omaha is the sweet little town of Walnut, Iowa. The Notebook Café has an amazing and unique place for your upcoming women's group to hold a gathering or special Bible Study. Consider reserving our beautifully restored circa 1875 bank building in Walnut, Iowa. We'll prepare our signature Café lunch or brunch, provide a tour of the historic restored bank building, and present a brief devotional or program by The Notebook Café. Then you can leisurely stroll along the quaint brick lined streets of Walnut and enjoy over twelve awesome shops featuring vintage, shabby, recycled, upscaled, and repurposed finds...and we think the best bakery in the Midwest! Great for a 'Girl's Day Out with God!' where you'll be refreshed in the Word...enjoy a relaxed time of fellowship with friends...and have fun with a sprinkle of great shopping!

This historic 1875 bank building was renovated by The Notebook Café Publisher, Shelly Thompson and her husband (Click here to read about the heart of the 'Restoration').

Walnut, Iowa is located 80 miles east of Des Moines and 50 miles west of Omaha. 
Click here for more ​details to reserve the Café ...the Cafe is open!

Our Door is Always Open

Mark your calendars for The Notebook Cafe 3rd Annual Women's Conference on Saturday, September 30th, 2017. Fearless Faith for a Time Such as This | Rise Up! 2017. Click here for more information...