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What Will America Be Like?

By Shelly Thompson, Publisher

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Recently, I had the privilege of caring for my tiny grandlittle. I watched her peacefully sleep. While looking at her eyelids occasionally fluttering in the deepest part of slumber I realized her little mind had no worries. She had no perception yet of the world waiting outside her door. She’s never heard the word ‘cancer’. She’s never heard of a nuclear bomb. She doesn’t understand the meaning of labels by society. She doesn’t know hate. She doesn’t know what a terrorist is.

She doesn’t know evil...yet. I felt a single tear fall from my eye and gently roll down her tiny pink cheek. As I wiped my tear from her warm face I wondered...

What kind of America will she know?

Will she know an America where evil deeds consume the headlines? Will she be treated kindly by a society that is becoming full of anger, rage, and revenge? Will she be allowed to follow her faith if she chooses, or will she suffer persecution? Will she be able to walk on the sidewalks of America without fear of a terrorist attack? Will society assign her a label? Will her words and speech be allowed freely, or will they be silenced by those in disagreement? Will she be able to read and carry her Bible without fear of retribution? Will the church doors remain open in her lifetime? Will she be surrender her life for her faith?

Yes, what will America be like for her to grow up in? Will the land of opportunity be stifled becoming the land of the oppressed? Another tear exchanged between her and I. As I wiped the tear...I prayed from the depths of my heart.

Jesus, save us! How we have turned from You! We are a selfish nation that decided we are all-knowing. We know how to operate every type of cell phone, but don’t know the Bible. We feed on reality shows while our Bible’s collect dust. Our jails are overflowing, but our church pews are empty. Our schools have demanded You leave. The enemy is trampling our families. Many of our youth can’t find answers, confused, they take their own lives. Grant their families Your compassion and peace in the face of such heart breaking devastation. Fresh blood is poured upon our American soil each day with the blood of the slaughtered unborn. Our fortress is being torn down. The enemy has opened the gates to greed, corruption, and evil in our nation. We watch it. We read about it. We discuss it. May we get on our knees and pray about it! May we come to You and beg Your mercy upon our nation for the next generation, who peacefully slumber, while their journey seems so uncertain. May they know You in a way that America has never known You. Grant them your protection, mercy, and grace. In Your power, help us to bring about change for this upcoming generation so that they will know You. May faith increase in unheard of proportions in this land. May corruption cease. May we be governed by leaders who are your sons and daughters. May the veil of evil be lifted and eyes be opened and ears hear the message, and hearts prepared to receive You. Take away our self-made pedestals of pride and make us a humble nation before You. Snatch from the flames those who are ready to be match sticks for the enemy’s fire. Grant understanding to those that You have called. Rise up Your army. Send Your troops into our land and help us to give future generations a great and Godly America to grow up in. May You forgive us, convict our arrogance, heal our nation, rise up a Godly America like never before, send Your call out and gather the workers, may revival start. May Your Word never be silenced in America. Grant, that we would always help preserve and protect the Jewish nation. May our last breath be telling someone about salvation through You. America can be great, but it’s temporary...death is eternal. Send us. Lead us. Save us. Protect us. In Jesus Name and in His Authority, Amen.

My days have been numbered and I don’t know how many of my grandlittle’s days I will be granted the privilege to see. She will never remember the tears that fell onto her cheek from a loving grandmother who wanted her to have the opportunity to seek and know God in a truly free land. But, God sees all. He will remember each tear that fell upon her soft cheeks. And I am sure He will answer when she calls upon His name, and the prayers of a praying grandmother...will be answered.

May this inspire you to pray for your children, grandchildren, spouse, parents, family, friends, pastor, neighbors, and America. From the lyrics of the song from the movie God’s Not Dead... Let heaven roar and fire fall...Come shake the ground with the sound of revival. God’s NOT Dead...He’s surely ALIVE! Yes, He’s surely ALIVE may He pardon America and restore our nation.

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather them from the west. I will say to the north, 'Give them up!' and to the south, 'Do not hold them back.' Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth--everyone who is called by my name... Isaiah 43:5-7.

A praying Grandmother -- in His Name,

Shelly Thompson, Publisher
The Notebook Café

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