The Notebook Café

Shelly Thompson is Publisher of The Notebook Cafe and author of the recent book release, Entwined by The Notebook Cafe & Co. Publishing. Shelly has a passion for writing what God places in her heart. Taking a giant leap of faith she left the corporate world to pursue a dream God gave her of developing a monthly inspirational faith based online reading café. Today The Notebook Café reaches almost 40,000 people each month. She has found the road in unknown territory is not always easy, BUT GOD always finds a way to bring about what He has promised. Shelly has also developed The Notebook Cafe Annual Woman's Conference each October. Shelly lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with her husband. They spend time with their parents, three daughters, seven grandlittles, and many weekends working on home renovation projects…that thankfully never seem to end.

The very word 'Entwined' has such beautiful meaning. To weave together. Despite life's unexpected circumstances, setbacks, disappointments, and seemingly hopeless situations, God's plans are intricately being woven into each day. We often fail to see the beauty of God's perfect plan as He personally writes the chapters of our story until we can reflect on all that He did during those hard seasons.

Do you want to experience each chapter of your life with a trust and faith in God's perfect plan? The pages of Entwined contain the journals of God working in the lives of two very different life stories. Entwined will give you fresh hope to face whatever chapter is currently being written in your own life. To know that what is unexpected to you is never a surprise to God. Giving you faith in the perfect plan being written by the Master Author. Click on the cover above to learn more...

​​​Welcome...we're so glad you've stopped by our café of words. Nestled in the pages of social media, you've arrived at a place where we hope you'll find encouragement, hope, value in all circumstances, and a God who loves you. At The Notebook Café you'll find our door is always open.  24/7. Providing encouragement and inspiration to increase your faith journey with God. To see Him up close and personal.

You'll find many new and archived articles on our website and Facebook page sharing our journey's through different seasons and the lessons God lovingly showed us. We want the Cafe to be a time when you can sit quietly, pause in the busyness of life, and meet with a God who longs for a real relationship with you.

Our vision is simple...create a café community of people who desire information from a faith based perspective.  

Our mission is straightforward...provide an unlimited variety of topics.  Stories that will inspire you to create more, press into God more, and ignite the passion, hopes and dreams God has placed in your heart.  

Our goal... a café community that realizes their God given potential along this life’s journey.  To enjoy and appreciate all life has to offer. To serve others before ourselves, and to serve God first.

Our that The Notebook Cafe enriches your life, strengthens your faith, and over time provides opportunities to share with each other in the café community.

We hope to see you often!  We hope you'll be part The Notebook Café community...our door is ALWAYS open! ​​​​


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