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The Notebook Cafe -- Inspired Words for the Journey is an online cafe community of readers looking for inspiration and encouragement in this journey. Shelly Thompson is Publisher of The Notebook Cafe and author of the recent book release, Entwined by The Notebook Cafe & Co. Publishing. Shelly has a passion for writing what God places in her heart. Taking a giant leap of faith she left the corporate world to pursue a dream God gave her of developing a monthly inspirational faith based online reading café. Today, The Notebook Café reaches almost 20,000 people each month. She has found the road in unknown territory is not always easy, BUT GOD always finds a way to bring about what He has promised. Shelly has also developed The Notebook Cafe Annual Woman's Conference each October. Shelly lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with her husband. They spend time with their parents, three daughters, seven grandlittles, and many weekends working on home renovation projects…that thankfully never seem to end.

American Hero's...Our Veteran's

By Shelly Thompson, Publisher The Notebook Café 


I know one. I first met him at birth.

By societies standards he hasn't done anything of notoriety or won any awards. He's received no scientific accolades. He doesn't wear a suit or have a high paying corporate job. No newspapers have written articles documenting his life. He isn't among the socially elite. He hasn't broken any sports records, or won any trophies.

But...he's a true hero.

My Dad.

My Dad has demonstrated what it looks like to treat others with kindness and respect. He taught me not only to respect others, but to respect myself. To be grateful and love this country I was born in. He courageously served four years in the Navy. He went to work everyday to support his family. He spent evenings at home with us. He paid his bills on time. He made us feel important. He showed me what a faithful husband looks like by loving my mom and being a loyal and devoted spouse. He taught me that keeping your word is important. He sacrificed many things always putting his family first. He went to church on Sunday. Prayed before meals. Set curfews and rules and expected them to be followed. And would have given his life for us if the situation ever arose.

He taught me to believe in my dreams, to never quit when things get tough, and to stand firm for what I believe in, even if my beliefs are unpopular. He always 'showed up' in the small important moments in my life and attended countless music programs and concerts. He chauffeured me around to music and art lessons, play practices, friends houses, skating rinks, doctors appointments, the swimming pool, and thousands of other places without complaining.

He taught me the value in family meals. Gathering around the table each evening. The importance of listening. The gift of time.
He taught me to be fearless in remodeling projects, the art of fixing anything with enough duct tape (including injuries when necessary), and that Rolaids and reassurance can fix anything after 10:00 p.m., from a scary storm to a broken teenage heart after a bad date.

He taught me limits. To know boundaries. To avoid certain situations that might look fun, but had the potential to end up in disaster and ruin my life. He taught me that being part of the 'in' crowd, doesn't mean your 'in', it just meant you accepted the standards of others as your own. I learned it was ok to say no and walk away from things I knew were wrong, even if I lost a friend or two. They weren't really friends anyway.

He taught me cheating is always wrong, even when you don't get caught, and that truth has a high price tag and can often be very costly. He let me face consequences for bad decisions, praise when it was earned, and provided unconditional love no matter what.

Always...unconditional love. No matter what. Even the few times I was wrong  :)

My hero...My Dad.

But the best gift is his legacy of faith. He paved the way to offer me the choice to know Jesus Christ. He gave the most loving gift a father can give to his child showing me the path to eternal life. It had to be my choice, but for years he kept opening the doors of a life of faith vs fame and fortune. He kept me on the journey going the right direction when I might have selected a different path. He was committed to God, obediently taking his family to church, praying, and leading his family as he was led by God.

Hero's. They save lives. Mine did.

My Dad loved me enough to teach me many things, including introducing me to the only One who could save me for eternity. While my Dad could guide me, teach me, and love me here, he knew he could do nothing when I leave the earth and stand before God. My final destination...was completely my choice. I am so glad my Father gave me an earthly father who knew...

How to be a real hero...

Not a hero just for a few fleeting moments in the spotlight of his own recognition, but a daily hero who kept doing the right things, often the mundane, every single day.

My true hero since birth...will always be my Dad. The newspapers missed the best story...the lifetime of extraordinary hero's, Godly and family men, demonstrating leadership skills that most corporations can't achieve, making the success of their children how they view their own success. Being willing to lead Godly lives, even though the world insists there are more important things and greater ambitions than simply raising a family and loving your wife and children.

Thank you to my true Dad. Thank you to all the other Veteran's who are daily hero's...your children will never forget all you did ❤️

May God greatly bless these hero's in only the way He can.

Whoever fears the LORD has a secure fortress, and for their children it will be a refuge. Psalm 14:26

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4

These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Deuteronomy 6: 6,7

Shelly Thompson, Publisher, The Notebook Cafe