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It’s easy to feel that there are so many people praying to God, what does our prayer really matter? Once when I was teaching a youth group a young girl asked me that exact question, “God already has so many people praying to Him, why would He listen to me?” I had never really thought about that. She had a good point. As all the eyes of the young teenage girls were on me, I believe the Holy Spirit breathed an answer into my heart. This particular girl had lots of siblings. After a few minutes I heard myself responding, “You have several children in your family. Your brothers and sisters stay home the week you go to camp in the summer. Do you think your mom misses you and the sound of your voice, even though her other children are with her?” She said, “YES my mom misses me!” I replied “Exactly. Just like God misses your voice when you don’t pray. He misses hearing His children’s voice calling to Him, even though He has a lot of children they all mean everything to Him.” I have realized over the years that the enemy is so deceptive, that’s another one of his lies our prayers don’t really matter to God. In fact...his biggest lie...we don’t really matter to God.

You don’t go out in the morning without getting dressed. You pick your accessories carefully. Don’t go out into this world, without your invisible covering of prayer. It’s necessary, remember, the God you are praying to knows what you, and everyone around you, will face that day. You wouldn’t go out physically naked (unless maybe…your house was on fire!), so don’t go out spiritually naked…there’s too much at stake…way too much.

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Sweet Friend,

Prayer…something the Bible encourages us to do, yet sometimes it’s so difficult to focus! There’s a force we can’t see that doesn’t want us to pray. We have an enemy that does not want us to connect with our creator. If the enemy can distract us…he can deflect us…from praying. Often when I am attempting to pray, my mind suddenly begins to think of all the work I’ve left undone. Hmmmm… I can sit down and watch HGTV for hours and never give my laundry or dishes a thought, but I begin to pray and…POW…I am literally mentally hit with “to do” darts. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I become the enemies target when praying. I am not a threat watching decorating and gardening shows or doing laundry, but when I pray...that draws the enemy’s attention!

I felt God compelling me to provide encouragement on prayer and even a Prayer Journal for our readers. He longs to hear from us. He is calling to us. If we really let our hearts contemplate the very Hand that placed the sun and moon and hung the stars wants to communicate with us, that’s overwhelming. He longs for our voices. He desires to whisper to our souls. The very God who holds all the answers, who knows our every thought, every temptation we will ever face, every sin we will ever commit, every obstacle we will ever face, every hurt we will ever feel, every disappointment we will ever know, every fear we will ever have…wants to talk to us, guide us, and shower us with His love, mercy, and compassion. Visualize God in heaven, thousands of miles away, with Jesus at His right hand, listening to you. Overwhelming.

Do you desire to get closer to God through intentional prayer? Download our free Pathway to Prayer Ten Day Prayer Journal. If you spend time with God, He will surround you with His love, open your heart to His voice, give you peace through the storm, help you understand He is with you -- God never forsakes His children, and let you see who He is. Go deeper in your relationship with God starting today. Simply click on the cover of Pathway to Prayer Ten Day Prayer Journal and you'll immediately open this printable journal.  

Char Cooper, The Notebook Café Ministry Coach and Prayer Intercessor, shared something with me years ago that perhaps shaped the futures of my unborn family members. She said that she prayed over her unborn grandchildren that she would never meet this side of heaven. She asked God that they would know the Lord and He would bless them and claim them for His own, making His ways known to them and give His angels charge over them.  Wow…God knows them already and we have the privilege of praying for these precious heirs we won’t meet until that day we are united in heaven. Your material legacy of photos or special items may be lost or destroyed…your prayer legacy…is eternal and cannot be taken away or destroyed.

I know my grandmother was a prayer warrior.  I saw her live a life of great testimony. I watched her read her Bible. I saw her heart demonstrating love and forgiveness. I heard her words teaching of Jesus and His death on the cross. She died at the age of 90 in 2004, I received her Bible and read every word she wrote in it. Her prayers are still active...safely placed at the foot of the King. Her prayer legacy is still very much alive! In fact, I would bet that she whispered prayers into the heart of God and He breathed The Notebook Café into life…an answer to her prayers years later. Nothing would make her happier then to read a copy of The Notebook Café. Something tells me...she knows

Don’t’ be deceived by the enemy. God’s waiting. God’s listening. His answers echo through eternity. Join us on a ten day prayer journey to discover, or rediscover, the closeness of God. The availability of the One who loves you more than you can know. He’s waiting...for you.

May this Prayer Journal bring you closer to God through prayer.

Praying and Fully Believing in His Promises,

Publisher, The Notebook Cafe