The Notebook Café

By Char Cooper, The Notebook Cafe Ministry Coach and Prayer Intercessor

Char Cooper is the Ministry Coach and Prayer Intercessor for The Notebook Café, she is also semi-retired from the corporate world and enjoys spending time with her 3 children and 11 grandchildren. Her husband was the pastor of a small country church for 19 years where she served. Char also sang with a gospel group that traveled around the Midwest for 15 years and has gone on mission trips through the Appalachia Service Project (their goal is to make homes warmer, safer, drier). Char is active in her home church, enjoys writing and welcomes the opportunity to travel, read, and spend time with family and friends.


Our son and his wife have SIX children!  They have four natural children, a daughter they adopted from China and a son they recently adopted with some special needs.  Each time they came to us sharing their desire to adopt, we were against it.  After all, they had 4 natural, healthy children already.  As they planned for the adoption of their little girl from China, it took a very long time to complete all the paperwork, answer all the questions and prepare to go there and bring her back to start her life with her new family.  We began to know her through pictures received from the orphanage in China, but those were just pictures.  What would she be like?

When the time came for my son and his wife to board the airplane that would take them to China, we were filled with anxiety.  Would they be safe?  What would the orphanage be like when they arrived?  Will she be healthy?  How will she “fit” into the family?  During the time they were in China their four children stayed with my husband and me. They were excited to meet their new little sister.  They diligently worked on “welcome home” signs for dad, mom and their new little sister, who would be named Lillie after my mom and aunt.  Lillie’s siblings already loved her because of all the pictures they had seen and the plans the whole family had made to make sure she felt welcomed and loved when she arrived. 

Finally, when we knew they were on their way back home, our anticipation peaked.  The time they had been gone seemed very long and along with their children, we had missed them and were anxious to have them safely back home.  Anticipation grew in our hearts each day for our eyes to see, and meet our new granddaughter. The final days before their arrival seemed to drag on.   

The soon-to-be new siblings opened their hearts and shared the dreams they were having while their parents were in China.  Their little hearts beating with joy along with yet unanswered questions……what would they show her first?  What would she be like a year from now?  Ten years?  What would she like to do?  Would she like them?

The day finally arrived for the homecoming!  The entire family gathered and eagerly awaited their arrival at the airport.  The anticipation was high because, not only were the children going to meet their new sister, they had sorely missed their dad and mom. 

The elevator doors inched open…

There they stood smiling broadly…

And, there she was! 

Held safely and protectively in their arms.  She was wide-eyed and apprehensive at what stood before her. Amazingly, she immediately held out her arms to one of her new sisters, who was the youngest, and then the newest member of our family was immediately surrounded by the whole family.  In that very instant, she became part of our family like she had always been here with us.  Early on she certainly had her moments of adapting to no longer being in an orphanage. But, having such a large attentive family, sweet Lillie soon began to thrive. 

Think what just one seemingly ordinary day meant for her! 

She was in an orphanage with lots of other children. The orphanage as described by our son and daughter-in-law, was a poor environment at best. Then one day, she was brought out and placed into the arms of new parents who spoke a language she had never heard.  How confused  sweet Lillie must have been.  Perhaps her young mind was wondering who these strange speaking people were?  What is going to happen to me?  At the time of Lillie’s adoption she was over a year old and could sit up, but was not able to walk or crawl.    

My husband and I had talked about our fears related to this adoption for months before they went to get sweet Lillie.  In honesty we wondered if we would love her the same as we loved all of our other grandchildren?  Would there be a difference in the way we felt about her? 

When we had become grandparents for the first time, neither of us will forget the moment we saw our first grandchild!  She was a  beautiful girl and after raising three boys, this alone was a blessing!  Meeting our first grandchild and holding her in our arms just made our hearts melt with more love than we felt could be possible.  Each additional grandchild brought that same kind of unspeakable love and joy and a special compartment in our hearts was created just for them!

The first time we saw this new granddaughter from China and held her in our arms, the feeling was the same and the new compartment opened wide with her name inscribed in it.  We so loved her!

That is the same way it is for God.  He has anxiously awaited our coming to Him.  He has yearned to love us and care for us.  He has plans for us and is preparing a place for us.  Our “compartment” in God’s heart is waiting!  We instantly become part of His family when we accept His son, Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Savior, the Bible tells us that even the angels in heaven rejoice when we are adopted into His family. 

Among the many blessings God bestows on us in Christ is the blessing of adoption.  We have been adopted into God’s family and made His children.  From God we have received the “Spirit of adoption” (Sonship).  The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.  Now if we are His children, then we are heirs – “heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.”  Romans 8:15

Our son later shared with us that he knew there would be a great financial burden to go through with this adoption.  His company was changing ownership and he was not even sure he would still have a job when the sale of the company was completed.  He knew, down to the dollar, what he would need to have to complete the adoption process.  When the sale of his company was completed, not only did they offer him a job, but he received to the dollar what they would need to pay for the adoption!

Recently, they adopted their sixth child who has some special needs.  Again, we were not in favor of this adoption, but our daughter-in-law said to us with tears in her eyes, “if not us, then who will take this child?” 

You would have thought we would have learned the first time around to trust that God knows what He is doing. 

Our new grandson has now been in our family for several months and it is like he has always been with us.  Looking into the eyes of this child for the first time and holding him in our arms sealed our love for him and gave him a special compartment all of his own in our hearts.  These adopted children are not “adopted children” to us……they are just our grandchildren.

Have you been adopted into God’s family?  He is waiting for you.  The devil is not in favor of this adoption into the kingdom of God and is doing all he can to block your pathway to eternity with the Lord, but God is standing in the doorway with has His arms wide open just waiting for you to come to Him! 

The elevator doors are about to open… 

Come to Jesus…

Come now – ask the Lord to forgive your sins and run – YES, RUN – into the open, waiting arms of our Lord Jesus.  The family of God is anxiously awaiting your arrival.