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Here's what Karen Abercrombie, Miss Clara from the movie War Room, multi-award winning actress, and recipient of a Dove Award and a Movieguide Grace Award, says about 'Heart of a Warrior' -

'Heart of a Warrior' is beautifully written by Shelly Thompson, a true wordsmith, who is on fire for God! With a deep warmth, sincerity and transparency, Shelly welcomes the reader in and she teaches, encourages and inspires through her own personal experiences. Because Shelly is such a gifted writer, you get to experience a forty-day journey that is masterfully painted with beautiful and rich imagery that honors the word of God as it stirs up the Warrior's Heart! - Karen Abercrombie

“I love, love, love how God brought this book together! It’s a forty-day adventure travel guide, inviting the Holy Spirit along on the trip to apply the pages of this adventure back to 5th Street personally to the reader’s heart. As a Warrior travel adventure, the insurance plan is suggested at the beginning of the trip...the full armor of Ephesians 6. The book also has communication with the Travel Agent (God) frequently through written prayer. I only wrote the words as God gave them to me, but God invited and planned for reader’s to take this adventure back to 5th Street years ago. ‘Heart of a Warrior’ also contains journal pages for readers to write note’s, scripture, or their own prayer’s. It was fun selecting a few photo’s from 5th Street to add at the end of the book. What’s an adventure filled trip without a few photos? While it’s not a physical trip, I think reader’s will love the spiritual adventure trip of the heart. Every word has been prayed over and I know God will use ‘Heart of a Warrior’ to strengthen His daughter’s to leave a legacy of faith that will last for generations,” Shelly Thompson, author of ‘Heart of a Warrior’. 

It's become the Warrior's God has called us to be for this generation and the one coming after us...the pages of 'Heart of a Warrior'are real life devotions God wrote on a young girls heart growing up on 5th Street in an old neighborhood known as Highland Park...a miniature Mayberry... surrounded by her parents, grandparents, and a tribe of faithful widowed women (different shapes and sizes of Aunt Bee).

Reader’s will be enchanted and encouraged with this wonderful neighborhood as they journey up the hill to ‘God’s rock’; remember breathing in the smell of amazing stacks of books during Story Hour in the old library; discover the afternoon 5th Street neighbor 'Grace' received real Jesus grace; relive summer afternoons on the back porch with southern belle aunts, sweet tea, and stories y'all; finding ‘buried treasure’ in the back alley that God used to demonstrate His restoration; walk through painful steps of saying temporary farewell’s to the faith Warrior’s in life as they pass the torch of faith to carry on for the next generation (Acts 2:39)...creating the ‘Heart of a Warrior’...for a time such as this.

This forty-day legacy devotional contains encouraging warrior journal strategies, and real life devotions...for all seasons in life and to share with those coming after you who will face the same Warrior battles. 

Your heart will be touched, warmed, revived, restored...and prepared to leave a legacy of faith for the next generation.

Return with author Shelly Thompson for forty days to where her journey began...the old house on 5th Street at the bottom of the hill. A special place where God touched a little girl’s heart for a lifetime.

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'Heart of a Warrior'

By Shelly Thompson